Support with expert industry knowledge when you need it the most


The StratusCM platform is accompanied by a support team with world-class training, most of which have worked in the construction industry. This means that you are talking to a subject matter expert who is familiar with the pain points of construction companies and knows how StratusCM can alleviate many of those obstacles.

Our unrivaled support team assists in ensuring your success, holding your hand every step of the way. Your project manager will guide you through the onboarding process which consists of initial setup and training of StratusCM. That project manager will work hand in hand with our support team to address any item that might come up.

Our team will learn your business inside and out, understanding your current processes and how StratusCM can help streamline them. We take a proactive approach and tackle issues before they have a chance to arise.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team through the following avenues:


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