Who are the founders?

The founders are Steve Murow, Tim Markel, and Philip Shehadeh. Each member has spent time in the construction and software industry. All founders bring a unique perspective to the table with varied experiences and expertise to back it.

What is StratusCM?
StratusCM is a cloud-based construction project management platform.
Who does StratusCM help?
StratusCM helps all those involved in a construction project, whether that be the owner or stakeholder, contractor, subcontractor, architect, engineer, supplier and whoever else would like access to project-related information. Permission level settings allow you to limit or grant certain users the ability to carry out certain functions in the system.
How can I see a demo of StratusCM?
You can contact our team anytime to see a free, live demo of StratusCM. Simply email [email protected], call us at (949) 988-3270, or visit our website at
Do you have references for the users of your software?
Yes, please contact us and we can provide references for those users using StratusCM regularly to manage their construction projects.
How long will it take to switch to StratusCM?
The average implementation time for StratusCM is 30-60 days.
How much does StratusCM cost?
The cost of StratusCM depends on the size of your construction project. Please contact us for more information.
Is StratusCM secure?
Yes, we take the security of our system and the protection of our client’s data very seriously. StratusCM is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) with world-class security protection.
What language is StratusCM programmed in?
StratusCM is coded in PHP, Java, and MySQL.
Do you offer support and training?
Yes, we offer unlimited support and training.
How many documents can you store in StratusCM?
You can store an unlimited amount of documents on StratusCM.
What verticals does StratusCM serve?
StratusCM focuses on assisting construction managers, general contractors, homebuilders, developers, government agencies, etc.