Request-For-Information Feature

Hold your project team accountable while providing transparency to key stakeholders with StratusCM’s RFI or Request-for-Information capabilities. In order to keep your project on track you need to address RFIs in an efficient and streamlined manner. Delays in the RFI process can lead to added cost and throw your project schedule off, both which hinder overall project success.

 StratusCM provides the functionality you need to answer to RFIs via email. The automation built into StratusCM ensures that the right team members receive the RFI and give feedback accordingly. This way you keep RFIs organized and easily accessible. You can view all RFIs in one location.

Notifications sent by email will ensure that RFIs are being addressed by the correct recipients, keeping the process on track. If an RFI adds cost to the project, then you can easily create a change order request.